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CombineZM 1.0

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Alan Hadley
Updated :
September 1, 2010
OS Support :
Windows Vista, XP, Me

CombineZM Publisher's Description

you can use to make photos with an "infinite" depth of field.

By Alan Hadley about CombineZM

Whenever enough people start experimenting with a new photo technique, it invariably gets its own name. In this case, it's become known as "Focus stacking." The name makes sense because you use a series of three or four photos, each with a slightly different focal point, so a different part of the picture is sharp in each shot. You use CombineMZ to "stack" the photos and combine them so all the in-focus bits are merged into One Photo that is sharp from front to back. Pretty neat, right?

CombineZM has one more trick up its sleeves: You can use it to make a Movie out of all the frames in your focus stack. Choose Movie, Make and the program will use each Frame in your sequence into a movie, so you can watch the focus Ripple from one end of the scene to the other--sort of like the way the focal point will change from one subject to another in a film or TV show.
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No special requirements
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